Panda Game WIP - Click to Play Latest Version


Updated the controls so they're more manageable. The internet is full of resources and nice people who share their code for sad non-coders like me. Scripting is getting easier though, I understand more about Java in particular, as well as how programming works. C# scares me though. Also added some other move animations as I changed the way the character controls. No longer kind of a turn and walk forward method, now it's more like a WoW character (also the camera control scripts from the net helped out a lot with that).


I laugh to myself to think this is any sort of playable state, but making this was mainly to learn some coding and implementation. Most everything is my own work, except a minority of the camera control and a majority of the code for moving the character. I learned a bit of java and got everything else implemented with the help of the internet.


Requires Unity Player (click image, and it will direct you to download the player.
It only takes a few seconds to install and is only 600k. Pretty easy.)